Lady GaGa - The Edge of Glory

ID: CRG1426

All files available for download are covers, they are not by the original artist.

Lady GaGa - The Edge of Glory cover

Technical Info

Proper Ending
128 bpm
16 bit
44 100 Hz
File Size:
30 MB
File Format:
MTF (extractable to WAV)
Gold Multi Track (studio recording)
Style: Pop, Rock, 2010s

Channels in
Lady GaGa - The Edge of Glory
1. BackVox
2. Bass
3. Click
4. CountIn
5. Drums
6. Guitar
7. Harpsy
8. LeadVox
9. Pad
10. Plucks
11. Saw
12. Sax
13. Strings
14. Synth
15. Trumpet
16. Vox
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