Help: New to Singing Solo with BT's seeking set up advice

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Help: New to Singing Solo with BT's seeking set up advice

Postby JeffBluesnSoul » Fri Oct 23, 2015 9:40 am

Hi everyone,

Firstly, I have been singing with bands for years, but I have recently decided to try going it alone as a solo singer with backing tracks.

I am therefore looking for some general advice as to how you set up your gear- I have some decent speakers (Yamaha DSR 115's) , I use a Neumann stage microphone and could either use a Peavey 32 channel mixer or a very basic 8 channel mixer, I use Stageplayer pro to play my backing tracks.

I recently attended an open audition in front of an audience for a booking agent and the feedback I got was that I needed to use more reverb on my vocals and that my tracks needed to be eq'ed better; has anyone got any advice they can offer on how I can improve my sound?

Do you use mono mixes on the BT's to make sure it always sounds the same wherever the audience are sat in the room?

How do you set the gain level so you can walk in front of the speakers without risking feedback?

Do you use compression on your vocals?

There were 3 other male vocalists at the audition, who by their own admissions had been doing this type of thing for the past 20 years and were looking to move into an new area, I got a callback to try again when I was ready to do so but now need to make sure I take on his advice.

As a vocalist i would say I have quite a powerful voice, does this make a difference when setting up?

If anyone is interested what I sound like their are a few things on youtube under jeffmozz's channel.

Thanks in advance.

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