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These are mp3 audio versions of our midifile catalogue. You can select any key and also take out the instruments you like to play yourself. Please keep in mind there are no Vocals included. You will be able to later log in again to create other Mixes in different keys etc without having to purchase the song again.

Your Mix: Our Suggestions (306)

Voodoo Love Ermal Meta ft Jarabe de Palo BUY
Vulcano Francesca Michielin BUY
Direzione la vita Annalisa BUY
Dobbiamo fare luce Gianni Morandi BUY
E penso a te Johnny Dorelli BUY
Ho cambiato i piani Arisa BUY
Ho voglia di ballare Paolo Belli BUY
In mezzo al mondo Biagio Antonacci BUY
La nostra etÓ Cugini di Campagna BUY
Semplice Elodie BUY
Solo se ci sei te (new arrangement) Fabio Rovazzi BUY
Stavo pensando a te Fabri Fibra BUY
Strade Roby Facchinetti & Riccardo Fogli BUY
Un passo dietro un passo Franco Califano BUY
Un porto di mare Franco Califano BUY
Una formica Ŕ solo una formica Armando Trovajoli BUY
Vola cuore mio Teppisti dei Sogni BUY
Real Wild Child Christopher Otcasek BUY
Not There Yet Eric Hutchinson BUY
Arrivederci Claudio Baglioni BUY

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