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Q: My download is not complete, what can I do?
A: For a file to get from our server onto your hard disk, it has to pass many connections on the internet. If one of those connections has a problem, you might experience a broken download. You can simply try downloading again at a later time, often it will work then. The best solution is to use a download manager. There are many available. A free one that also has no Adware or Spyware is "Free Download Manager". You can download a free copy at http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/

Q: Can you remove an instrument (guitar, drums etc) so that I can play the instrument myself along with the rest of the backing track ?
A: We now offer Audio Multi Tracks, with each instrument or instrument group on a separate channel - using our Multi Tracker software, you can remove instrument or vocal channels you want to play yourself. More information here.

Q: How are your Audio files produced?
A: They are not simply audio recordings of MIDI-files, like some sites offer. Rather, specially-selected, experienced and highly qualified singers and musicians playing the actual instruments spend many hours recording our tracks in professional music studios to ensure the highest quality. Plus, starting from April 2008, all new songs added to our Audio catalogue are in 256 kB/s format for even better quality! We encourage you to go to our competitors' websites and compare the quality for yourself - we'll be happy to welcome you back on our site soon!

Q: Why are your audio songs all MP3 format, is this not inferior in quality?
A: In November 2009, TrustedReviews.com did an experiment into the difference in quality between MP3 formats and FLAC or WMA Lossless formats. The results may surprise you!

Q: The demos don't work.
A: The demo player is a Flash player - please make sure you have the latest version of the Flash player installed on your computer.

Multi Track Audio format:

Q: How do I use your Multi Tracks?
A: All the information you need to use Multi Tracks is available at our 'About Multi Tracks' page. We also have a free Video Tutorial taking you through the main features of Multi Tracker software here

Q: How many tracks/channels does a particular Multi Track have? Does it include a Lead Vocal track?
A: You can find out which channels a Multi Track has on its song info page - click the blue i (Info) button next to the demo player.

Q: How do I load Multi Track files (MTF) into the "Multi Tracker" iPad App?
A: There are 2 methods:

1.  Dropbox users can use that service to download MTFs to their iPad. Click the "Files" tab at the bottom of Multi Tracker, then the "Dropbox" tab at the top of the File list. (The first time you use this feature, you will need to log in with your Dropbox details.) MTF files which you have uploaded to your Dropbox are shown in a list - click the Download button to save to your iPad's local storage.

2. Alternatively, to load a song through iTunes, first connect your iPad to your computer. In iTunes, select Devices - iPad. Select the "Apps" tab at the top of iTunes. Scroll down and select "MultiTracker" from the "File Sharing - Apps" list. A window entitled "MultiTracker Documents" will be shown on the right. At the bottom of this window, click "Add" and load in your desired MTF from anywhere on your computer. Click "Sync" to copy the files to your iPad - they will now show up in your iPad's Multi Tracker App under "Files" tab - "Local Storage".
Please Note: For both methods, please make sure that you have first unzipped the MTF file before loading it to your iPad.


Q: In which format do you provide MIDI-files?
A: Song Galaxy MIDI-files now automatically come in both Format 0 and Format 1 - both are included in the download.

Q: Do you provide lyrics with the MIDI-files?
A: If available they will be included in the zip file as a .txt or .doc file. Most are Leadsheets, with chords written above the lyrics.

Q: How do I know whether or not a certain Midi file has lyrics encrypted into the file?
A: In our webshop catalogue, next to each Midi file there is an 'i' button to let you see more information about the song. Click the 'i' button and the information page will show 'Karaoke: yes' if the lyrics are encrypted, or 'Karaoke: no' if they're not included.

Q: My Midi file will play on my computer, but it doesn't work on my keyboard, why not?
A: Certain keyboards can't handle long file names, please try shortening the midi file name to 8 characters or less, and try playing again.


Q: What do I do with my downloaded zip file from Song Galaxy?
A: The zip/unzip functionality is built into Windows XP, Vista & 7 operating systems - simply save the zip file to your hard disk, then RIGHT CLICK on the file and select "Extract here". The files you ordered will then be extracted (unzipped) to the current folder. Unzipping software is also widely available on the Internet - this website has a free unzipping software for Windows users: http://www.7-zip.org/
and Mac users: http://www.zipeg.com/mac.video.html 

Q: Are your tracks legal?
A: Very much so - we have all the relevant licenses with MCPS, PRS and Music Publishers to ensure song writers, artists and publishers get their royalties. (Info at Wikipedia)

Q: Do I have to be online to search your catalogue?
A: Not any more! You can now download our catalogues to your computer to search and browse when you are offline. Catalogues available to download here

Q: I sent you an e-mail a few days ago requesting help/reporting a problem, why have you not replied yet?
A: We always try to reply to customer e-mails as soon as possible, often the same day. If you feel your enquiry has not been answered within a reasonable time:
1. Please check that the e-mail address you sent it to is correct (e.g. info@songgalaxy.com - songgalaxy has 2 g's, please make sure you have not missed a letter out)
2. Please note: Responses from our staff at Song Galaxy to yourself may be subject to Spam Filters on their way through. To avoid our reply being deleted as spam, please add info@songgalaxy.com and rach@songgalaxy.com to your contacts or safe list.
3. Please check your message/ mail inbox is not too full; if it is full you will not be able to receive new e-mails from us.

Registering Software:

Q: I cannot register the software (Audio Eddie Pro, Karaoke Eddie, MP3 Key Changer or Midi Eddie) I bought with the key I was sent.
A: When you purchase a piece of software from Song Galaxy, you will be sent an automated e-mail with a link to download the software and a registration key made up of First Name, Last Name and Code. It is very important to enter both the names and the code exactly as they are written in the e-mail. We recommend using copy and paste to ensure the code is entered correctly.
For more help, view our Tutorial on Registering Software here. If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@songgalaxy.com.

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