Free Song Galaxy MIDI Karaoke Player


Enjoy a Karaoke session on your PC, or practise lyrics before a gig. Since most of our MIDI-files come with lyrics encrypted, we thought you would enjoy this software. Included in the download are 5 demo files, so you can see right away what you have been missing so far!

Download here (KaraokePlayer.exe, 496 KB)

Free MIDI-file Format Converter


Our MIDI-files now come in both Formats. Format 0 means that all events are in one track, whereas Format 1 has the MIDI-file split up into its individual instruments (so your keyboard can read it from the disk. This converter lets you switch between the two. Any lyric information is left intact and you can also save MIDI-files in the popular .KAR format. Please note: file names can be no longer than 8 letter in length.

Download here (midicvt.exe, 349 KB)

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Now choose from over 18000 audio Backing Tracks, from classic Rock & Country to the latest Chart hits!

This September we're celebrating hitting a special milestone,  8000 Multi Tracks!

Webshop  redesign, now optimised for viewing on mobile devices! Have you seen our new look?! 

New look Multi Tracker for Mac now available, with key and tempo change!

A big addition to our MIDI catalogue this week took us to well over 30000 songs! Many popular German classics and chart hits added..