About Silver Multi Tracks

Edit and customize special Multi Track backing tracks, remove instruments, change key, then save the end product as a Wave file - or extract multiple Wave files to your audio sequencer. No vocals. Silver Multi Tracks are audio recordings of MIDI files. Complete Song List

Multi Tracker for Windows Download here (2.5mb)
Mac OSX Multi Tracker (Beta) Download here (13 mb)

2 FREE FULL Songs to test the format:
(Please load MTF file into Multi Tracker software.)
1. Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley
2. La Bamba - Ritchie Valens

Silver Multi-track files: Artists V Silver tracks (178)

Ca Gaze (Java) V. Marceau BUY
╔Ún kopje koffie V.O.F. de Kunst BUY
Das Lied der SchlŘmpfe Vader Abraham BUY
Bedankt lieve ouders Vader Abraham BUY
Me voy pa'l pueblo Valdes BUY
Il passo silenzioso della neve Valentina Giovannini BUY
Comme faccio senza e te Valentina Stella & Gigi Finizio BUY
Insieme Valeria Farinacci BUY
Luna di lana Valeria Rossi BUY
Credi in me Valerio Scanu BUY
Amami Valerio Scanu BUY
Lasciami entrare Valerio Scanu BUY
Libero Valerio Scanu BUY
Finalmente piove Valerio Scanu BUY
Io vivr˛ (senza te) Valerio Scanu BUY
Fire and the Flood Vance Joy BUY
Everytime I close my eyes Vanessa Amorosi BUY
Absolutely Everybody Vanessa Amorosi BUY
In Al Mijn Dromen Vanessa Chinitor BUY
Like the wind Vanessa Chinitor BUY

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