About Silver Multi Tracks

Edit and customize special Multi Track backing tracks, remove instruments, change key, then save the end product as a Wave file - or extract multiple Wave files to your audio sequencer. No vocals. Silver Multi Tracks are audio recordings of MIDI files. Complete Song List

Multi Tracker for Windows Download here (2.5mb)
Mac OSX Multi Tracker (Beta) Download here (13 mb)

2 FREE FULL Songs to test the format:
(Please load MTF file into Multi Tracker software.)
1. Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley
2. La Bamba - Ritchie Valens

Silver Multi-track files: Songs 0 Silver tracks (121)

1 2 3 Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine BUY
1 2 3 4 Fire Penny McLean BUY
1 Life Xandee BUY
1 Minuut Dana Winner BUY
1 voor 1 Sugar Lee Hooper BUY
1, 2, oder 3000 Jahre im Leben Zillertaler Haderlumpen BUY
1-2-3-4 Fire Penny McLean BUY
1-2-3-4 Gimme Some More D.D. Sound BUY
10 kleine Filzläuse Dr. Sommer BUY
10 kloane Zillertaler Die Zillertaler BUY
10 Meter geh Chris Boettcher BUY
10 Meter gehn (Köln Version) Die Cöllner BUY
10 Meter gehn (Party Version) Markus Becker & Almklausi BUY
10 nackte Friseusen Mickie Krause BUY
10 O'Clock Postman Secret Service BUY
10 Years Time Gabrielle BUY
100 mal verrückter Die jungen Zillertaler BUY
100% Pure Love Crystal Waters BUY
1000 Farben (Discofox Version) Olaf Henning BUY
1000 Liebesbriefe (Partymix) Calimeros BUY

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