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Midi Audio Multi-track Arranger-track

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All The Young Girls Love Alice - Elton JohnAudio 5 Vote
State of Grace - Billy JoelAudio 5 Vote
Thank you - Huey lewisAudio 5 Vote
Wish I didn't love you - Chloe kohanskiAudio 5 Vote
nervous breakdown - eddie cochranAudio 2 Vote
sweetie pie - eddie cochranAudio 2 Vote
cherished memories - eddie cochranAudio 1 Vote
drive in show - eddie cochranAudio 1 Vote
have i told you lately that i love you - ricky nelsonAudio 1 Vote
moody guy - shane fentonAudio 1 Vote
pocket full of hearts - eddie cochranAudio 1 Vote
teenage heaven - eddie cochranAudio 1 Vote
WORLD OF BROKEN HEARTS - Amen Corner / Alvin StardustAudio 0 Vote
In Production
Shot in the Dark - AC/DC
Fly Like A Bird - Boz Scaggs
We're All Alone - Boz Scaggs
More Love - Sara Bareilles
Diamonds - Sam Smith