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Below are some comments our clients have sent us by e-mail:

"I don't know who the programmer is on both Michael Buble files I purchased from you this afternoon, but I just want to put on record that he/she has incredible ears! To manage to obtain anything like the class of a (Michael Buble) track with General MIDI's limitations is nothing short of sheer brilliance. Nearly every subtlety of the M.B. arrangements has been preserved.. THANKS so much!" (K. Duncan, re: MIDI files)

"You've always done me proud. I've been working all over the world with your backing tracks, they are great... I'll be buying again soon." (R. Gooding)

"Thank you very much for the tracks, they are fantastic. You don't know how good it is to find a site that actually delivers what they promise... Keep up the good work.." (P. Brady, re: Multi Tracks)

"Once again your quick response is great... Great service, all the tracks we use will come from Song Galaxy from now on!" (J. Ironmonger, re: Multi Tracks)

"Fabulous download as always and the new style website is much more effective to navigate." (R. Whitbourn)

"Wow! Your Audio songs are really serious quality, keep it up!" (A. Matthews)

"Your Web site is excellent and has become my favored Midi file source" (E. Harper)

"Thanks so much for the fantastic customer service and your very quick responses." (M. Erwin)

We have worked with BBC Nottingham on a music contest project, have provided tracks for a Steps Tribute Tour and supply backing tracks to various recording studios throughout the UK for vocal recordings.

The BBC have also used several of our tracks as backing music on their programs..

Several TV shows, including The X Factor & Britain's Got Talent also feature backing music from Song Galaxy.

A number of Song Galaxy's backing track productions have been used in advertisements and competitions for other companies around Britain.

A recent i-Phone app featured some of our music.

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Big addition to our Multi Track catalogue! New Silver Multi Tracks are Audio recordings of MIDI files, with each instrument on a separate track. Much bigger choice of songs in several languages, at cheaper prices!

iPad App update! Multi Tracker has a new design! Now save your mix and upload to Dropbox!

Brand new, versatile format: Your-Mix songs! MP3 backing tracks based on our MIDI files. Change song key and remove any instruments you play yourself. Over 33000 songs available!

Now choose from over 10000 Multi Tracks in our ever-growing catalogue!

Look out for a big addition to our MIDI file catalogue over the next few days!