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  • December 2021: We now (5/12/2021) have 3400 matching midifiles to fit with our Audio Multitrack Songs available! See tutorial below.. We keep adding more - we hope by beginning of 2022 to reach 4000
  • Feb 2021: Brand new and exclusive: Special MIDI files designed to fit your Multi Track Wave files! Load both into your DAW - since they're in sync, you can then use VST Instruments or external sound modules to add sounds! Tutorial below:
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  • 1 Tides
    Ed Sheeran
  • 2 Stop the rain
    Ed Sheeran
  • 3 Fly as me
    Silk Sonic
  • 4 Show me love (Live)
    Robin S
  • 5 Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo
    Rick Derringer
  • 6 My little love
  • 7 24K Magic
    Bruno Mars
  • 8 Love on the brain