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Our founder, Claus, began as a piano teacher in Germany, then worked with various music companies in the Frankfurt area. After moving to the UK, he started selling MIDI files online way back in 1996/1997 (yes, the internet did exist back then!). We expanded to offer MP3 backing tracks around the year 2000, and then in 2008 Multi Tracks were born! Our goal is to continue to create innovative new formats and tools for musicians and creators - we love to hear your feedback and new ideas.

We are still a family business at our core, but we're proud of our expanded network of specially-selected, experienced and highly qualified singers and musicians from around the world. Their combined experience in studio session work, live performance and teaching music is reflected in the quality of our tracks. We're based in Scotland! (Address: 5 Kennedy Crescent, Tranent, East Lothian EH33 1DN)

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We are committed to ensuring original song writers, artists and publishers get their royalties. We are licensed to sell music and pay royalties regularly via MCPS-PRS for Music - our license number is #HSONG0001

Last update: 30/08/2021