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Song Prices:

MIDI files:

£4.99 per song (except ML songs £6.99)
As little as £3.74 each with max loyalty discount!

You will receive both MIDI formats 0 and 1 in your download. Most MIDI files include chords and lyrics as a .txt file. Many have karaoke lyrics embedded into the MIDI file (please check song info page). That's what we call value for money!

All available for immediate download.

AUDIO backing tracks:

Now only £3.99 each.
As little as £2.99 per song with max discount!

A choice of versions available with or without backing vocals. We also have versions with lead vocals to help you get to know the song. Additional versions cost only £1.50 extra (i.e. if you buy 2 versions (with BVs and without BVs) you pay only £5.49 for both, minus your loyalty discount!)

All available for immediate download.

MULTI TRACK audio files:

Only £9.99 each.
As little as £7.49 each with max discount!

Now you can download directly as multiple Wave files and load straight into your DAW/audio sequencer. Or use our free Multi Tracker software to mute instruments you want to play yourself and adjust exact levels of each instrument track. Change song key. Add Click track and Count In for your drummer.

Available for immediate download.

YOUR-MIX audio files:

Now only £4.99 each.
As little as £3.74 per song with discounts!
Very versatile and easy to use! MP3 files based on our MIDI files. Remove any instruments and change song key. Log in again at any time to create a new mix absolutely free!
All available for immediate download.

RE-ARRANGER audio files:

Now only £4.99 each.
As little as £3.74 each with max discount!

You will usually receive 2 versions, with and without backing vocals (where available). Use free Re-Arranger Eddie software to shorten or lengthen song arrangement.

Available for immediate download.
Last update: 19/07/2021