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Summer 2015: New look webshop! Now optimised for mobile devices..

App Update: Free Multi Tracker iPad app now features key and tempo change! Multitasking also enabled..

Re-Arranger Tracks! This new audio format allows you to re-arrange the length and structure of a song, perfect for practice or auditions! Exclusively at Song Galaxy! 

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Edit and customize special multi track backing tracks, remove instruments or vocals you want to play or sing yourself, and once you've got the perfect backing track, save the end product as a .wav file to sing or play along to yourself!

Multi Tracker software is so easy to use and it's also FREE! Read more...


AUDIO Backing Tracks

Choose from over 16500 Audio backing tracks available for immediate download, or for delivery on CD. Browse catalogue here...

Our Audio songs are recorded by trained and experienced musicians and singers, in modern music studios around the globe. Indeed, when it comes to quality, Song Galaxy's Audio Backing Tracks are light-years ahead!

Most of our Audio songs are available with or without backing vocals, where applicable. Versions with lead vocals are available to help you get to know the songs. All of our Audio Files have proper endings, unless they are clearly marked as "fade out".

You can now suggest backing tracks we don't already have at our request page.


We offer an incredible catalogue of over 30 000 MIDI-files, from Oldies and Country to Rock and the hottest Chart climbers, all available for immediate download. Browse catalogue here..

Most MIDI-files have embedded karaoke lyrics, and many have an extra text file with lyrics and chords. Please check the song info page (blue 'i' button) to check whether karaoke is included or not. Many songs also contain a vocalist track. Format 0 and 1 are both included in your download.

All our new MIDI productions have proper endings, rather than fade outs. Since we also distribute files from partner companies, we can't guarantee that all songs have proper endings. But if you do get a MIDI file that still has a fade out, we can change it to a proper ending for you.

You can suggest MIDI-file songs at our request page


MP3 Key Changer V2
Do you want to sing along with a backing track, but the key is too high? Or would you like the song to play a little faster? MP3 Key Changer V2 offers higher quality editing of MP3 & Wave files! Find out more...

Audio Eddie Pro
Edit your Audio files, transpose key, change tempo, add VST Plug-Ins.. Professional algorithms for better quality saving! Find out more...

MIDI Eddie
Make your Midi files sound better! Transpose, mute instruments, select other sounds, adjust volume levels, etc. Find out more...

Karaoke Eddie
Create your own Karaoke with any MP3 song. Change key and tempo and personalize the look of your Karaoke! Find out more...

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This September we're celebrating hitting a special milestone, 8000 Multi Tracks!

Webshop redesign, now optimised for viewing on mobile devices! Have you seen our new look?! 

New look Multi Tracker for Mac now available, with key and tempo change!

Now over 7000  Multi Tracks available, from current chart hits to classic favourites!

A big addition to our MIDI catalogue this week took us to well over 30000 songs! Many popular German classics and chart hits added..

Now over  16000 songs to choose from in our Audio backing track catalogue!

The latest update to our  iPad "Multi Tracker" app includes key and tempo change functions! Multitasking now enabled - song plays on in the background when you close the App during playback..