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This audio format allows you to re-arrange the structure of a song. Please watch the brief tutorial video to see how it works.
We are still working on converting the songs to this format.
Please use the Request button to let us know which song you want and we will have it converted within a few days and inform you by email.
The Player software will ONLY work with our Re-Arranger Tracks.
Only £4,99 per song, loyalty discounts apply.

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Re-Arranger files: Dire Straits (14)

Heavy Fuel Dire Straits Request
Once Upon a Time In The West Dire Straits BUY
Brothers In Arms Dire Straits BUY
So Far Away Dire Straits BUY
Calling Elvis Dire Straits Request
Money For Nothing Dire Straits BUY
Sultans of Swing Dire Straits BUY
Walk Of Life Dire Straits BUY
Ticket to Heaven Dire Straits BUY
Why Worry (instrumental segment) Dire Straits Request
Down to the Waterline Dire Straits Request
Industrial Disease Dire Straits Request
Lady Writer Dire Straits Request
Private Investigations Dire Straits Request