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These are mp3 audio versions of our midifile catalogue. You can select any key and also take out the instruments you like to play yourself. Please keep in mind there are no Vocals included. You will be able to later log in again to create other Mixes in different keys etc without having to purchase the song again.

Your Mix: Negrita (14)

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Gioia infinita Negrita BUY
Hollywood Negrita BUY
Non ci guarderemo indietro mai Negrita BUY
Hemingway Negrita BUY
Magnolia Negrita BUY
Greta Negrita BUY
Rotolando verso sud Negrita BUY
L'uomo sogna di volare Negrita BUY
Che rumore fa la felicitÓ? Negrita BUY
Radio Conga Negrita BUY
Brucer˛ per te Negrita BUY
Scritto sulla pelle Negrita BUY
Non torneranno pi¨ Negrita BUY
I ragazzi stanno bene Negrita BUY