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These are mp3 audio versions of our midifile catalogue. You can select any key and also take out the instruments you like to play yourself. Please keep in mind there are no Vocals included. You will be able to later log in again to create other Mixes in different keys etc without having to purchase the song again.

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All files available for download are covers, they are not by the original artist.

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D'aria e di musica Renato Zero
D'Artagnan Red Canzian
D'estate non vale Fred de Palma ft. Ana Mena
D'improvviso Lorenzo Fragola
D'n Trekharmonika Harry Holland
D'ora in poi Franco Califano
D'r Bluatschink Bluatschink
D'r Schacher Seppeli Ruedi Rymann
D'schissi isch verstopft Sir Francis
D'You Know What I Mean? Oasis
D-Code Alain Caron
D.I.S.C.O Ottowan
D.I.S.C.O. Ottawan
D.I.S.C.O. Ottawan
D.I.S.C.O. (New version) Ottawan
Da bambino Massimo Ranieri
Da Capo Perplexer
Da da da Herbert Grönemeyer
Da da da Trio
Da Da Da Herbert Grönemeyer

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