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Ca Gaze (Java) V. Marceau BUY
Suzanne V.O.F. De Kunst BUY
Één kopje koffie V.O.F. de Kunst BUY
Oude Liefde Roest Niet V.O.F. de Kunst BUY
Suzanne V.O.F. De Kunst BUY
Das Lied der Schlümpfe Vader Abraham BUY
Met z'n allen Montignacen Vader Abraham BUY
Bedankt lieve ouders Vader Abraham BUY
Me voy pa'l pueblo Valdes BUY
Senza origine Valentina Giovagnini BUY
Il passo silenzioso della neve Valentina Giovannini BUY
Ormaje si a mia Valentina Stella BUY
Nu penziero Valentina Stella BUY
Mente cuore Valentina Stella BUY
Comme faccio senza e te Valentina Stella & Gigi Finizio BUY
Insieme Valeria Farinacci BUY
Tre parole Valeria Rossi BUY
Pensavo a te (c'è il sale nelle lacrime) Valeria Rossi BUY
Luna di lana Valeria Rossi BUY
Nächstes Mal am Ende der Welt Valerie's Garten BUY

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