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These are mp3 audio versions of our midifile catalogue. You can select any key and also take out the instruments you like to play yourself. Please keep in mind there are no Vocals included. You will be able to later log in again to create other Mixes in different keys etc without having to purchase the song again.

Your Mix: Our Suggestions (657)

Swiss Medley Marc Pircher BUY
Beautiful Voice Musik Apostel BUY
Endstation Sehnsucht Andy Borg BUY
Die Power einer Frau Grenzenlos BUY
Aber dich gibt's nur einmal für mich Bernd Apitz BUY
Once upon a time in the West (Instr. Harmonica) Blues Harp BUY
Warum nur das frag ich dich (für Sängerin) Clarisse d'Alsace BUY
Gespenster der Nacht Fantasy BUY
Bring it on home to me (Easy to sing Ab) Sam Cooke BUY
Bring it on home to me Sam Cooke BUY
Summer in the City Joe Cocker BUY
Fata Morgana Phil Stewman BUY
Your Man Josh Turner BUY
Rupf ich ein Hühnchen mit dir Alice Babs BUY
Auffe auf'n Berg Jägermeister DJ Alex & Matty Valentino BUY
Wir sind die Geilsten Mia Julia BUY
Warum nur das frag ich dich (Version für die Sängerin) Die fidelen Mölltaler BUY
Tschau mit Au De Boore BUY
Saufen Ingo ohne Flamingo BUY
Zuhause (Ich bleib bei dir) Mitch Keller BUY

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Top 10 MIDI-files

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  • 1 Sangria Wine
    Pharrell Williams Camila
  • 2 Three little birds
    Bob Marley
  • 3 Redemption song
    Bob Marley
  • 4 Get up stand up
    Bob Marley
  • 5 I shot the sheriff
    Bob Marley
  • 6 Buffalo Soldier
    Bob Marley
  • 7 Ashes (Deadpool 2)
    Celine Dion