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All files available for download are covers, they are not by the original artist.

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Renegades X Ambassadors BUY
You Are Not Alone X Factor Finalists 2009 BUY
Heroes X Factor finalists 2010 BUY
Wishing on a Star X Factor Finalists 2011 ft. JLS & One Direction BUY
Luna X Sense BUY
De vriendschapsband X!nk BUY
A neverending dream X-perience BUY
A Neverending Dream X-Perience BUY
Magic Fields X-Perience BUY
Island Of Dreams X-Perience BUY
Bang Bang X-Session BUY
To the Sky X-Session BUY
Say Yeah X-Session BUY
The Sound X-Session BUY
Oui oh oui X-Session BUY
On And On X-Session BUY
Number 1 X-Session BUY
Love song X-treme BUY
Brennendes Herz Xanadu BUY
1 Life Xandee BUY

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