Midi files: Instrumental (2116)

All files available for download are covers, they are not by the original artist.
Polka Medley Klaus Wunderlich
Around the World Medley Klaus Wunderlich
Spring Rain (instr) Bebu Silvetti
Prelude in Em (Op.28 #4) F. Chopin
Fai col cuore (instr) Roby Facchinetti
Flash (instr) Bengi & Supersoul
Luftwaffe March Ron Goodwin
Midnight Tango Phil Kelsall
Amparito Roca China Dunshan Orchestra
Dambuster March (Theme song) Geoff Love & His Orchestra
Going Home (YouTube version) Sacha Puttnam
La petite valse Andre Rieu
Liberty Bell March Cory Band & Black Dyke Band
Tiroler Buam Polka (Akkordeon Instrumental) Freddy Pfister
Auch Matrosen haben Heimweh (instr) Captain Cook
Klompendans (Akkordeon instr) Frans Baggerman
Let's Go to San Francisco (Instr. Trompete) Andy Scholz
Jingle bells (Instr. Saxophone) Andy Selmer
Alohahe Sax-Medley (3 Welthits) Pete Tex
Feuertanz (Instr. Panflöte) Edward Simoni

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